I shall smite thee The world is a different place from yesterday. People are slouching, farting, arguing, and watching stupid television sitcoms. You have become complacent. You need a taskmaster. Lucky for you the gnome armies are amassing! Right now various factions of the gnome alterworld are congealing, like jello in a flash freezer, awaiting the signal moment. The Gnome Liberation Army is at the forefront!

Are you high? No, sorry, no time for that. Gnomes are too power mad now. They want your brownies, green ties, VCR remote controls, and soul shards. Careful now... if you're soul is not in original condition you should ..... be afraid ... be very afraid.

Wait, I digress... you're probably not reading this. You are. Is it too late? No, you can become a minion of the gnome army red division. Your code name will be secret smurf. You'll be the smurf that smurfs smurfs. What you say? No send up the bomb. All your base are belong to us!

The Red Gnome army is situated at the right hand of the revolt. Red with anger, red blooded, red faced gnomes. We are not a red bull sponsor. We can't believe bull piss in a can sells so well. The blue gnome army has suggested a flecknerage. We've got the kegs. Fly your flags at the the Gnome world domination summit. Some will be chosen, some will be drawn, and pelted with quarters! Grab a bag, perhaps a wrist rocket, and join the fun. Bring your blender and we'll make marguirritas!

you're not safe in suburbia either. When lawn gnomes attack, a secret virtual meeting house disguised as a technology blog. Did you keep your decoder ring?

The Germans are still enslaving masses of Liberation hungry Gnomes in their roving death camps. Germans, posing as tourists, cruise the border streets of Poland looking for indentured gnomes to brutalize. When will it end?

Find out what you truly are.

Villagers were baffled when they awoke to find their homes invaded by garden gnomes. The fourteen home-owners couldn't believe their eyes when they saw there lawns covered with the statuettes
Small villages are not safe either

Gnome Liberation Army photo gallery

Infernal green gnomes are popping up everywhere. Gnome help us the wild ones are after my pizza!!